Why Therapy?

Professional support through difficult times

It could be you have recently hit a tough time in your life and need a space to make sense of it.

It might be that a relationship has become difficult; with your partner, at work with colleagues, with your children or close family members.

You may be suffering symptoms of anxiety and depression and you are finding it harder to function in daily life.

It may be that you are transitioning from one stage to another in your life; leaving home, starting a family or approaching retirement and you need somewhere to work through some of the feelings of anxiety, fear and uncertainty that such a change can bring.

Self Awareness & Understanding

It could also be you are thinking about therapy, not because of any particular issue or crisis point in your life but because you simply want to understand yourself better and now seems the right time. 

You may want to get to the bottom of why over a number of years, you seem to keep repeating certain negative or even destructive patterns and behaviours in your life.

You might want to change certain aspects of yourself and in order to do so, want to try and understand what is at the root. 


If change is needed, therapy makes this possible in a safe space.

It isn’t always easy.

It doesn’t always happen as quickly as desired.  

The therapeutic process however, is there to support, to promote self knowledge and understanding and to identify and make the changes needed.